Game News – December 30, 2011

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Published on: December 30, 2011

Attack and Bombing Wings

Attack and bombing wings have been changed to include more bombers (320), a smaller number of fighters (80) and a slightly reduced number of drones (240). The number of attack helicopters remains unchanged (160). The change is aimed at making these wings more effective in attacking mainly land targets. The total number of air planes remains unchanged. Existing units are also unchanged. The new composition becomes effective when a new unit is created.

The main force for attacks on air force units remains the Air Force Attack Unit that includes 400 fighters.


C3 military Power

C3s in war level 0 are now equipped with an attack and bombing wing and with an attack wing. The defensive power of C3 countries in the first war level is somewhat reduced.

These changes have been carried out to increase the attack power of a new player who just received a new country; it is also reducing the defensive power of C3 countries and makes them easier to conquer even if you are a new player in game level 1.

The aim is to make it easier for new players to conquer a C3 country with the help of a tutorial, showing them what to do. This will make the war game easier and will hopefully shorten the learning curve.


The new maps

Conquered areas during war are now showing on all country maps. Before, they were only visible on the small country map on the main country page and on the war map.


Capital City

The capital of your country is now showing on all maps. It is now easy to see where your country is in the region, continent and even on the world map.


Game Level Error

An error in the game level process was introduced and later solved. It caused countries with a high war level and a low defensive index, to fall back to game level 2. Countries will quickly move back to the previous game levels.


Game Levels

It is now easier to move to game level 2. There are no requirements on the defense capabilities of the countries.


Conquering a C3 country

The minimum cash amount in a C3 country in war level 1 is 1T. This guarantees at least this level for the winner of the war.

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